An Early Update This Week

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A couple of our folks could use some undergirding of prayer so thought I would send out an early email this week


Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are Possible.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing

  • Health and Prayers

  • Anne Suais: (pink hat lady) Is in hospital and has now been diagnosed with Covid. They have gotten her pain under some control and she is not suffering as much as before, however the issue with the back pain is not entirely clear yet and they had planned to transport her to a Victoria Hospital for a bone biopsy. That is probably on hold since she is now in a room by herself under quarantine. She is feeling quite helpless and is worried about her family. Her daughter Carol is staying in her house and looking after her dog but is also in quarantine with covid. In addition she has not heard from her son Douglas and wife Sandra-lee in Halifax for a while and is concerned about them as they have some many issues.  In both cases Anne is praying for her children’s Salvation and would appreciate prayers in that regard as well.
  • Elinor Bell: I think I previously let you know that Elinor had her heavy cast removed but is having some foot and ankle pain with some swelling in the ankle. Elinor spends a bit of time in the afternoon with her leg elevated to relieve the swelling and is looking forward to being able to walk.
  • Mark Andrade:  Mark advised us on Sunday that his younger brother David was suffering from cancer and is not given much time to live. He is however, a Christian, and for this Mark is truly thankful. Mark was in Vancouver yesterday and  advised us that his brother would be placed in hospice today.

Update On Chapel Fire Situation

We are getting quotes for chairs and will likely have to order them soon as delivery times are very lengthy. Nothing else to report except for the little jobs being done around the chapel to get ready for the reconstruction project to happen soon.

There are two jobs that we need to do and they are to remove an old unused chimney in the kitchen and remove a foot off the walls of the baptismal tank in order for the floor to be repaired before any new flooring goes down. This will require a day or twos manual work.

That’s all for now folks. Keep Praying. God’s blessing on you all.

Jack 250-510-4299

An Early Update This Week

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