Our Chapel Family

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Dear Brae Road Family and Friends:

Here is the latest update on matters relative to our chapel family which includes health and building restoration matters.


Psalm 18: 1 & 2

1. I love you, Lord, my strength.

2. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield (sovereign) and the horn (strength) of my salvation, my stronghold.

This was David’s song after he was delivered from the hands of his enemies and from the hand of Saul.


Sunday Jan 23rd , 2022

at the 7th Day Adventist Church 3441 Gibbons Road, Duncan

  • 10:00 am Breaking of Bread service
  • 11:00 am Family Bible Hour
    • Speaker: Jan 23rd Mark Andrade
    • Speaker: Jan 30th Norm Nicholson

Health and Prayers

Frank Timmermans: an update regarding the latest health issue to strike Frank. I need say no more, his email says it all.

We had our telephone consultation this morning with the thoracic specialist and he told us that the scope and Ct scan showed that the cancer was caught in the early stage. I now have to get a whole body Petscan to see if the cancer has spread anywhere  else.

He sounded fairly optimistic and we are at peace with all the new developments and rest in the assurance that the Lord is ultimately in control and we just continue to trust Him and are encouraged by His presence.

We appreciate your prayers and welcome visits for a chat and a cup of brew…

Love you all, Frank and Reeny

Linda Sked, de Haan family, Tom Maxie and the Coastal Mission family:  Continue to pray for their peace and comfort as their loved ones have passed on. Since we know they are safe in God’s arms we can pray for peace and comfort “until we meet again”.

Barb Trowbridge: is comfortable at home with her daughter Angie there looking after her for the foreseeable future.

Anne Suais: is suffering extreme pain to the point of being transported to Hospital last night and is awaiting the involvement of the Doctor to proceed to next steps, mostly pain mitigation.

Mike Millard: is progressing well as he works through the exercises and getting 100% mobility back.

Elinor Bell: is doing quite well. She had her heavy cast removed and is now able to function more freely and is very pleased with the Doctors evaluation of her healing.

John Stegeman: I have nothing new to report.

Update On Chapel Fire Situation

Since we have approved the $75,000 settlement for the contents lost and we still have the option of holding onto and cleaning some of them, we are moving forward to approve and have removed the remaining items to be disposed of.

As for the building reconstruction. The first step has been taken. The Architect has submitted plans for our approval. These are to be put out to tender to arrive at a valuation of the reconstruction process.

A number of us have gone over the plans and find some shortfalls in the drawings which will require fixing. We have also identified some things to update that may or may not need us to fund over and above the insurance born costs. I will bring the set of plans with me on Sunday for a quick perusal but very little time can be given to this. We will, of course, get a cost estimate from Building contractor tenders, which the Insurance Company will provide us to consider whether we wish to sub contract the work ourselves or turn it over to a contractor to manage.

We are looking at the feasibility of getting the Sanctuary section of the building taken care of first so that services could be returned to the chapel asap.

The pews are now going to go to a number of people outside the chapel for material reuse but not as pews., The wood in them can be remanufactured into a number of personal projects by individuals in the community. One pew is going to a family of a former member who wishes to use it as a remembrance and a place to sit during their devotionals.

I hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Sunday.

God Bless. Once again any questions email or phone.

Jack Peake 250-510-4299

Our Chapel Family

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