Happenings, Jun 6, 2022 – Jun 11, 2022

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This is my second try as my wild fingers hit the wrong key and wiped out my first attempt. This week I’d like to share a Charles Swindoll devotional that I felt was very poignant.

It’s entitled “Endangered Species” with a scripture reference from Psalm 78.

Remember when men were men? Remember when you could tell by looking? Remember when men knew who they were, liked how they were, and didn’t want to be anything but what they were? Remember when it was the men who boxed and wrestled and bragged about how much they could bench press?

Remember when it was the women who wore the makeup, the earrings, and the bikinis?

Remember when it was the men who initiated the contact and took the lead in a relationship, made lifelong commitments, and modelled a masculinity grounded in security and stability?

I’m talking about men who are discerning, decisive, strong hearted, who know where they are going and are confident enough in themselves (and their God) to get them there. Men who aren’t afraid to take the lead, to stand tall, firm in their principles, even when the going gets rough.

Such qualities not only inspire the respect of women, they also engender healthy admiration among younger men and boys who hunger for heroes, We need clear-thinking, hard-working, straight-talking men who, while tender, thoughtful, and loving, don’t feel the need to ask permission for taking charge. 

Over the last three decades we have seen a major assault on masculinity. The results are well represented in the arts, the media, the world of fashion, and among those who have become the heroes of our young people.

On the heels of a bloody Civil War, Josiah Holland wrote a passionate prayer on behalf of the country. It begins, “God, give us men….” But the truth is, God doesn’t give a nation men;, He gives us boys, Baby boys, adolescent boys, impressionable boys, who need to know what becoming a man is all about. God’s plan is still as He designed it at creation. And it starts in the home.

I hope no one minds that I just took someone else’s devotion but I felt it so represented the day and age we live in. God Bless you all as you read and ponder this devotion.


Psalm 78


Where: 7th Day Adventist Church 3441 Gibbons Rd, Duncan

When: Sunday Jun 12, 2022

  • 10:00 am Breaking of Bread
  • 11:00 am Family Bible Hour

Speaker: Lloyd and Darlene Oppel – They have been missionaries in Laos for many years and have just now retired. Lloyds work began in Vietnam as a “prisoner of war”. I’ll let Lloyd fill in the blanks. 

Chapel Update

I am sad to report that this week things seemed to have stalled. I’m hoping that work will begin again in earnest next week. 

I must again say, what a pleasure it is to have so many helping out in many areas that we are responsible for, in efforts to get our facility back as a place of worship. Pray for the efficient efforts of the contractor to move the project forward.


Ladies Prayer and Bible Study

Where: Atti Terpstra’s home #8, 1015 Trunk Road, Duncan

When: 10 am Fridays

Ladies come and enjoy a time of fellowship, bible study and prayer time. This week there were 8 ladies in attendance. Join them next week if you can.  

God’s blessings on you all.

Happenings, Jun 6, 2022 – Jun 11, 2022

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